Saturday, 3 May 2014

Mood, and Robert Creeley's, "Some"

The manic weather this year has taken its toll on people. More than one is whispering "apocalypse." Hopefully our cryptographs will provide you with some respite, and distract you from a world of turmoil. Thanks to Vallum intern, Devon Gallant, for his brilliance with brain challenges.

Here is a poem by Robert Creeley that filled the void I was in today, the only thing that settled. And even though the poem ends with separation, its words form an alliance between poet and reader that is based on mutual self-understanding. And that is what makes one feel better. That is what poetry does for those who can hear it.      /ez 

(c) Robert Creeley

You have not simply
insisted on yourself
nor argued
the irrelevance

of any one else. You
have always wanted 
to be friends, to be
one of many.

life even
in its largeness
might be brought

to care, you
tried to make it
care, humble, illiterate,
awkward gestured.

So you thought,
as inevitable age approached,
some loved you, 

You waited for
some wind
to lift, some 
thing to happen,

proving it finally,
making sense more
than the literal,
still separate.

Published in 2006 by University of California Press. The Collected Works of Robert Creeley 1975-2005. 

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