Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Vallum's Cryptographic Adventure!

Announcing Vallum's crypographic adventure! In conjunction with our annual poetry contest the Vallum Award for Poetry 2014, we are offering a chance to enter the contest for free! The catch is you have to be the first person to guess correctly who our mystery poet is.

Every week we will release an encrypted line taken from poems by our mystery poet along with a clue to decoding the cipher.

Can you be the first person to guess who the mystery poet is? Once you think you know who the poet is email us at, BUT be careful, you only get one guess so use it wisely!

Cryptogram: 1. a text written in code, 2. a symbol or figure with secret or occult significance.


Deadline for the Cryptographic Adventure: July 10th
Deadline for the Vallum Award for Poetrty: July 15th

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